It’s not really about us is it?  It’s about you and your scientific discoveries.  It’s about growth and innovation.  And like any good parent, you want to protect your baby, your technological invention.  We understand the business pressures that you face because we’ve been in your shoes, having worked as in-house counsel and provided advice to clients with breakthrough technologies.  Whether you’re a large public company, a mid-market firm, a start-up or an academic research center, every organization needs solid, innovative life science patent protection.

The Keller Asebey Life Science Law practice is focused on Patents, Counseling and Opinions, Transactions, and Trademarks.  Navigating the constantly changing global patent landscape takes experience, technical knowledge, business acumen, and a thorough understanding of the regulatory issues around the world.  Our attorneys advise clients on how to take advantage of scientific breakthroughs, and develop strategies to protect their IP rights, from concept through commercialization.

Established and emerging life science institutions including biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device have come to rely on our strong backgrounds in science and legal services to safeguard their IP rights and help grow their businesses.

For an overview with links to some of our patent work and published applications please click below:

Patents and Published Applications